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I'm looking to create a dashboard type gui for a web application. I'm looking for the user to be able to drag and drop different elements (probably either image buttons, anchor tags, or maybe just divs) to different (defined) places and be able to save their setup (in a cookie or on the server). I'm working with c# in the .Net 2.0 framework. I've tried using mootools but their recent update has left their drag/drop capabilities un-useful for me. I'm looking for a bit of direction because I know there is something out there that is just what I'm looking for so I wont have to build from scratch.



If you still want to give MooTools a second chance, I'd recommend taking a look at Mocha UI.

If you want to require a specific version of .net to be installed and can control the distribution of your application, you should really use ClickOnce. It allows you to specify the minimum required version of the .Net framework that should be installed, and it will only check when it is being installed so that all your subsequent startups are not impeded by an unnecessary check.

Also, with ClickOnce you get updating for free. Why wouldn't somebody want to use it?

To set up a ClickOnce application, just right click on the project within Visual Studio and go to the Publish Settings. This will create a special build of your application that you can place on your website. When users download the program, the installer will check for any prerequisites like .Net for you.

By : Jared

Without any assembly loading and catching exceptions (which is slow), check for class API changes between 2.0 and 3.5. Mono Class Status is very helpful for this. For example you could check for GC.Collect Method (Int32, GCCollectionMode) which is in mscorlib and was added in 3.5 .

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This video can help you solving your question :)
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