What IDE to use for developing in Ruby on Rails on Windows? [duplicate]


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What Ruby IDE do you prefer?

I've generally been doing stuff on Microsoft .NET out of college almost 2 years ago. I just started looking at Ruby on Rails. So what editor should I use? I'm using Notepad++ right now but can I get debugging etc. somehow?


rubyMine is the most full featured IDE for Rails at the current time (2012).

Personally, for rails development I had used Eclipe for several months and then netBeans for several weeks and rubyMine is clearly better than them.

It's great in all the areas that count - code views, search and replace, source control management, testing, debugging and it's got features like viewing a model dependency diagram that are really neat.

It isn't free - cost about $50-$100. This has recently become a key positive criteria for me. Too many "free" products that I invest thousands of hours getting proficient in eventually die and stop being developed but paid products pay for continued development. I've become weary of investing a lot of time and energy into such products only to have them wither and die. Given the hundreds of thousands of dollars one earns from rails development a $100 tool is a bargain.

Despite how much I love rubyMine I still use vim along side it. Sometimes my tasks works better with vim, sometimes with rubyMine.

I found Geany to be a lightweight alternative (which works on linux as well with little modification), although I am checking out Gedit for features that not present or implemented as well in Geany.

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