Tunneling proxy on VS 2008


Is there a way to tunnel a proxy to access a remote sql server database on visual studio 2008? I'm working in a project at college that uses a sql server database but the access is restricted to the internal network. I'd like to access the database from my home too. Thanks in advance.


In the event VPN access is not granted and the highly unlikely event that the SQL Server is exposed through the firewall, could you not get a copy of (or subset of) the database for development on local machine?

By : CStick

I don't think the unit test engine creates a new AppDomain for each test. Since creating an AppDomain is a relatively expensive operation, doing so for each test would slow down execution of unit tests considerably!

Visual Studio 2008 uses a seperate executable called vstesthost.exe to run unit tests. VS communicates with vstesthost.exe (how it does this I don't know) to tell it what tests to run. vstesthost.exe returns the execution results to VS which displays those results.

If you are getting OutOfMemoryExceptions when running your unit tests I would say that's a strong indicator that your code under test is actually not cleaning things up. Are you sure that you aren't retaining handles to unmanaged objects/memory? I would recommend running your unit tests under a Performance Analysis (you can do that by finding the unit test under the "Test View", right-clicking on it, and selecting "Create Performance Session"). This might shed some light at least on your object allocations.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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