X86 inline assembly, writing into C array

By : Quentin
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Assembly info: Using Visual Studio 2010 to write inline assembly embedded into C

Hello, I am trying to write into an array of chars in C and trying to mimic the action of this C code:

resNum[posNum3] = currNum3 + '0';

currently this is what i have:

mov ebx, posNum3; 
mov resNum[ebx], edx; //edx is currNum3
add resNum[ebx], 48; // add 48 because thats the value of the char '0'

I also tried doing this:

mov ebx, posNum3;
mov   eax, resNum[ebx] ;// eax points to the beggining of the string
mov eax, edx; // = currnum3
add eax, 48; // + '0'

No luck with any of this, help is more than appreciated!

By : Quentin


My X86 asm is rusty, but... If you're using characters (8 bits) you need to first, before you start a loop, zero out EAX and then move the char into AH or AL, something like:

; Before you start your loop
xor EAX, EAX ; If you're sure you won't overflow an 8 bit number by adding 48, this can go outside the loop
; ... code here to setup loop
mov EBX, posNum3
mov AL, resNum[EBX]
add AL, 48
; ... rest of loop

Note that the compiler will do a better job of this than you will... Unless you're Mike Abrash or someone like him :)

By : JimR

Avoid using expressions like

mov resNum[ebx], edx;

because you never know what is resNum. It could be an expression like esp 4, and there is no opcode for mov [esp ebx 4], edx, so use small steps instead.

Also, ebx is a register that have to be preserved across calls. See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/k1a8ss06(v=VS.71).aspx for details and learn about calling conventions.

By : ruslik

Most of inline assemblers allows using name instead of size ptr [name], so you can just write

mov al, currNum3
add al, 0x30 //'0'
mov edx, posNum3
mov ecx, resNum
mov byte ptr [edx ecx], al

if resNum is a global array, not an function argument or local variable, you can write shorter code:

mov al, currNum3
add al, 0x30 //'0'
mov edx, posNum3
mov byte ptr [resNum ecx], al
By : Abyx

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