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By : anup

I am using Intel Core2Duo E4500 processor. It is supposed to have SSE3, SSSE3 facilities. But if I try to use them in programs it shows the following error "SSE3 instruction set not enabled"

Any ideas?

By : anup


Use CPU-Z to check for available instruction sets.

If you're using Visual Studio, there's an option in C/C -

By : Jacob

If you compile on the same machine where you will be executing your code, with any recent gcc you should be able to use -march=native to take advantage of all your CPU features. It should tell you during compilation then, if you are using unsupported instructions in your asm.

Try adding this gcc command line options:

-march=core2 -msse3

And probably is also a good idea to turn on sse optimizations for floating point operations:

By : jassuncao

This video can help you solving your question :)
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