How can I simulate the browser back button in Capybara?


We have a issue on our e-commerce site where users occasionally hit "checkout" twice and have their card charged twice.

It's a common enough bug and easy to fix, but I'd like to test the solution in our capybara setup. Once I've called click_button('checkout'), is it possible for me to pretend I'm a user hitting the browsers back button and then call click_button('checkout') a second time?

You may want to try:

When(/^I go back$/) do

This will require running the senario in a javascript capable driver (selenium/celerity/akephalos)

You can use page.driver.go_back, if you are using webkit as your capybara javascript driver via the capybara-webkit gem. Also requires :js => true for the scenario.

By : jbarr

I've used this method in Webrat. I'm sure something similar for Capybara would work.

When(/^I go back$/) do
  visit request.env['HTTP_REFERER']

Side note: the "redirect_to :back" method didn't work for me for whatever reason.

By : Nate Bird

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