Zend Framework and Wordpress Integration

By : Brad
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We have an existing Zend Framework site hosted at ourdomain.com and a wordpress blog at blog.ourdomain.com

We want to migrate the blog into the site at ourdomain.com/blog - but I seemed to have googled to the end of the earth and cannot find out how. I have tried various .htaccess stuff, setting up a blog controller and including some wordpress files, etc - but to no avail.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Virtual host setup:

ServerAdmin [email protected]
DocumentRoot "/Users/bradyeager/Sites/TWPZend/public"
ServerName twps
ErrorLog "logs/twps-error-log"
CustomLog "logs/twps-access_log" common

Options Indexes FollowSymLinks

AllowOverride All

Order allow,deny
Allow from all

By : Brad


One of the best articles about migrating a non-ZF site into ZF is from Chris Abernethy.

Like you, he sets up a special controller for those non-ZF handled script. However, he (eventually) sets up ZF-routes corresponding to those non-ZF pages, rather than playing around with external .htaccess.

Might not apply directly to your case, since your example involves a subdomain while his involves pages on the same domain. But there are some good ideas in there that might be helpful.

See the correct answer provided by Jason. Just make sure your wordpress .htacess file is rewriting to the correct index.php By default, it will rewrite back to the base index.php - which belongs to Zend. My solutions was to change Wordpress' .htaccess RewriteBase to /blog instead of /

By : Brad

I wrote an open source library that might solve your problem called Vulnero that allows you to run your Zend Framework application inside WordPress. Your routes get handled by your app, everything else goes to WordPress. Can even render your views in your WordPress template if you like. Integrates authentication, database connections, all that. Source is on GitHub or you can read the documentation at http://www.vulnero.com/.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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