Looking for a “Universal” Document viewer component/library [closed]

By : JohnFx
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I am looking for an Applet with similar functionality to the Oracle/Stellent OutsideIn ActiveX control or the Autonomy KeyView technology that act as a browser plug-in allowing the rendering/display of a large number of file formats (Word processing, spreadhseet, graphics, etc.) I currently use the Stellent solution, but due to some restrictions of some of our clients would prefer something that either exists as a Java Applet, Silverlight control, or has a Java API that I could build an applet on top of (neither of the two I mentioned do).

At a bare minimum it would need to display at least the following formats:

MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint

MS Outlook MSG files

Adobe PDF

Standard image formats: BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF



Any suggestions?

By : JohnFx


You may be interested in Net-it Central. It uses an Active-x plugin or java applet and works with several different formats. I am using it for Word and Excel currently.

Have you looked at Adeptol AJAX Document Viewer.
A no plugin non applet no install viewer which supports more than 300 file typess.
See ajaxdocumentviewer.com

By : John

If a commercial product is an option, ViewOne is a nice product. It's an Applet and you can view a large variety of document.

By : RealHowTo

This video can help you solving your question :)
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