XPath query for exact match

By : Henno
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I'd like to search an xml doc (or rather Element with sub elements) for a string. It needs to be an exact match.

Here's a sample of the xml

 <Make value="German\Opel"/>
 <Make value="German\Benz"/>
 <Make value="Japanese\Nissan"/>
By : Henno


Further to Obalix's answer, there is a xPath tutorial here that would be quite helpful in answering future questions about building xPath queries.



Assuming you want to return the elements based on the string in the value propery, you can use the following xpath with your example:

/Car/Make[@value = 'German\Opel']

The part in the square brackets is called a predicate and acts as a filter to the expression before.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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