Can I make Subversion + TortoiseSVN case-insensitive for Windows?


I've been using Subversion for code control with TortoiseSVN to interface with the server for the past few months, and in general it's been going great! However, occasionally my FoxPro IDE will change the case of a file extension without warning where "program.prg" becomes "program.PRG") TortoiseSVN apparently takes this to mean the first file was removed, becoming flagged as "missing" and the second name comes up as "non-versioned", wreaking havoc on my ability to track changes to the file. I understand that Subversion has it origins in the case-sensitive world of *nix but, is there any way to control this behavior in either Subversion or TortoiseSVN to be file name case-insensitive when used with Windows?

By : Kit Roed


Nope you sure can't. SVN is case-sensitive unless you were to rewrite the code somehow ... it is open-source.

By : dewalla

Windows does support case sensitivity, but you must send it the correct POSIX flags on CreateFile from the Windows API! A registry key may need changed (SFU/Tools for Unix and Ultimate Windows 7 has this registry entry already set so windows supports case sensitive file names).

Windows is designed off of Unix, but things such as Explorer.exe and other programs are designed to disallow case sensitivity for backwards compatibility and security (mostly when dealing with dos executing notepad.exe vs. NOTEPAD.EXE, where all caps is a virus or malware).

But Vista+ has security attributes which makes this obsolete.

TortiousSVN just doesn't support passing this posix flag while making and renaming files.

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