Does anyone have .Net Excel IO component benchmarks?


I'm needing to access Excel workbooks from .Net. I know all about the different ways of doing it (I've written them up in a blog post), and I know that using a native .Net component is going to be the fastest. But the question is, which of the components wins? Has anybody benchmarked them? I've been using Syncfusion XlsIO, but that's very slow for some key operations (like deleting rows in a workbook containing thousands of Named ranges).


I've had good results with EPPlus in the past, and I've found it to be very reliable and fast. Unlike SyncFusion, it doesn't require a singleton object to prevent concurrency issues, and it is open source.

I haven't done any proper benchmarks, but I tried out several other components,and found that SpreadsheetGear was considerably faster than XlsIO which I was using before. I've written up some of my findings in this post

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