Which session library should I use with CodeIgniter?

By : lemiant
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I have recently started using CI and with it CI sessions, but I have noticed that one thing in particular is much more time consuming to do with CI sessions than with the base PHP sessions: Arrays.

I have an array of data that persists regardless of login/logout called $_SESSION['stats'], I then store data in that array in the form:

$_SESSION['stats']['last_page'] = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];.

And when a user logs out, it saves the stats array in a variable, clears the session, and then loads it back into the new session.

The problem is that in order to edit the last_page key, instead of the one line above, I have to use this code:

$stats = $this->CI->session->userdata('stats');
$stats['last_page'] = $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"];
$this->CI->session->set_userdata('stats', $stats);

This is one of a number of annoyances I find in CI sessions, which cause me to feel dissatisfied with it as my session handler. So my question is: Which session system should I use with CodeIgniter?... is there some reason for using CI sessions? Is there a CI library that you would suggest? Why not just use PHP sessions?



By : lemiant


It sounds like you are using a bread crumb method.

This may help, http://codeigniter.com/forums/viewthread/137949/

And to answer your other question, yes there is a very good reason to use the CodeIgniter session library. I use it because I need to store user session data in my database (safer) and the library comes with the ability to encrypt the cookies and if global XSS filtering is on, then the data will also be scrubbed too.

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