What's a Good Database ERD Tool for Linux? [closed]

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I've recently switched to Linux on my work machine and, new to the Linux desktop environment, I'd like to find a decent ERD tool for database design. Booting back into my Windows partition every time I need to create a diagram is going to get unpleasant quickly. I looked at Dia, but didn't see any DB tools - only UML, networking, etc.

Anyone have any recommendations? For what it's worth, I'm using Ubuntu (Hardy Heron).



You can try Base from LibreOffice. It can connect to any database and you can easily create, design and write queries using visual wizards and tools.

By : sahar

You can try ORM Designer http://www.orm-designer.com Tool is similar to DBDesigner, but has much more functions and is under everyday development.

I had bad experience with Workbench on Linux in the past and wish it got better now.

I am quite happy with SchemaBank these days 'cause they are purely web-based. You drop them a few bucks every month and they host your diagram for private / public sharing. Usual stuff like forward / reverse engineering, alter scripts, etc are all supported.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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