Resharper and TortoiseSVN


Is there any good way to deal with the class renaming refactor from Resharper when the file is under source control and TortoiseSVN is the client. I have am trying VisualSVN right now but I haven't had the need to rename anything recently. I don't want to change our repository just to try this out.

Also not sure if this feature alone is worth the cost of VisualSVN.

Update: I have uninstalled the trial of VisualSVN and tried AhknSVN. I seems to provided the same functionality so far.

I know this my sound trivial but the indicators seem to be lacking some functionality, it seems like they don't trickle up. (If a file in the project is different I would think the project indicator would indicate this as well.) I tend to keep my projects rolled as much as possible, so it is hard to tell what files have changed unless the project is expanded.


TortoiseSVN 1.5 has a neat hidden feature on the check in window:

Select a missing file and a new file and right-click. One of the options will be "fix move".

I tend to refactor away, and then use this to fix any files where the name has changed.

By : Keith

You should really check the Free as in Beer option of AnkhSVN. They made some major improvements in v2.x and I don't feel penalized anymore when doing ReSharper refactoring-ninja moves inside Visual Studio.

I find VisualSVN to be well worth the money. There are ways to do it with Tortoise, but the integration of VisualSVN is very nice. I had tried over VS-integration tools before like Ankh and was not impressed. V-SVN has really upped the level of interaction with the repository from the IDE.

The quick trick in TortoiseSVN to fix the move sounds pretty nice as well, I need to try that out.

Another bonus: I've yet to "forgot" to add a file to the repository since I got Visual SVN.

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