Is there a project facet for adding spring libraries to a project in Eclipse?


Everywhere I look I can only see people adding external jars to their Spring MVC web projects when starting a new one. Why isn't there a simple project facet for adding these to a project? I mean, what's the point of creating all these neato eclipse plugins if I can't quickly start a dynamic web project for spring framework without going through this tedious manual process?

Also if I have to download these jars separate of the Spring IDE and core plugins won't I run into problems if the versions become out of sync.

There are project facets for jstl, struts, jsf...etc.. why not spring?


MyEclipse for Spring will automatically add all required libraries to Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Adobe Spring, and GWT Spring web applications. It definitely saves a lot of time when starting new projects.

By : N Eyde

It seems there is a package from Oracle which contains a Spring facet, but it also contains quite a large amount DB

By : wwerner

This video can help you solving your question :)
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