Available iPhone Web Application JavaScript UI Library/Frameworks

By : pfeilbr
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I'm starting a web application that will target Mobile Safari on iPhone/iPod Touch. I'm evaluating the available client-side JavaScript/CSS libraries/frameworks that are currently out there.

These are the ones I'm currenlty aware of:

Are there any others out there? I want to make sure I'm not missing any before I make a decision. I'm only looking for client-side JavaScript/CSS solutions and building one from scratch isn't an option because of time constraints. No server-side PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, etc. solutions.

I am aware of the iPhone web applications, templates, frameworks? question that was asked, but this only mentioned iUI and UiUIKit.

Thank you

By : pfeilbr


I like Uranium. It's a lightweight set of widgets. (It also includes the XUI framework). I find jQuery too bloated for mobile use. I need a smaller library. Uranium is a bunch of pre-defined widgets, which I find pretty useful for most functions I want to perform on a mobile site.

By : michael

use http://jquerymobile.com/ it is well supported by industry leaders

By : kem

The folks at DHTMLX also have a mobile library

DEMOS: http://dhtmlx.com/touch/samples/

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