Pivot tables without aggregation?

By : koen
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I have a list of items - each item has a title, plus a bunch of attributes, including a date.

If I drop the date into the row box of a pivot table, then group it, and drop the title below - so I have Years, Quarters, Created On, Title, I get a nice list of all the titles in my data, grouped by year, quarter and month.

But I want to also display all the other attributes next to the title of each one - all the associated data for each row. With the textural ones, I don't want to count them - I just want to list the entire data set, but grouped by date. If I add them to the other pivot table boxes it starts doing the usual counting...

It would be nice to have all the extra filtering power of pivot tables, but am I making this too hard?

Thanks for your help.

By : koen



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