Is there a .NET Tool/Add-in available which allows you to easily rearrange the order of Regions, Subs, Functions, and Member Variables in a Class?


I'm looking for a .NET Add-in that reads in the contents of the Current Document window, lists the header declaration of all Regions, Subs, Functions, and Module Level Variables, and provides a simple Move Up/Move Down buttons to rearrange their order.


Here is an automatic member organisation plugin that will work with DXCore. You can also see Mark Miller developing this plugin in dnrTV.

By : user20804

I find that the "File Structure Window" provided by the Resharper add-in provides most of the features you are looking for. However, it is part of a comprehensive refactoring add-in and this may not suit you.

By : Werg38

I haven't yet used it (as I usually just code in the regions myself, or wait until I'm doing other refactoring on an inherited project), but Regionerate looks good.

By : John Rudy

This video can help you solving your question :)
By: admin