Where can I learn more about C++0x? [closed]

By : yesraaj
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I would like to learn more about C++0x. What are some good references and resources? Has anyone written a good book on the subject yet?

By : yesraaj


There is a ton of stuff on this very site - some of the posts include very informative discussion. I would point you to Google but it's going to be more efficient to search in C++0x tagged posts here imo.

Here's a good one to start with, which includes indirection to Stroustrup's own summary. Scott Meyers has presentation materials on the topic here.

Check up on your favourite compiler's support for the new version. Microsoft VC10 support is summarized here. GCC info can be found here.

Official state of the standard for the language is available here. Evolution of the language is in many places tied to ongoing work in Boost. See here for some info on that.

Honestly my preference these days is to look here for 99% of needed info rather than resort to a book.

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