In Matlab, what does zpk([], [i, -i], 1) mean?

By : ochedru

What is the type of this function? What does it do?

zpk([], [i, -i], 1)

More importantly, where can I find this information by myself? What resources could I learn to understand it?

By : ochedru


One of the best things about the MATLAB environment is that help is usually available from the command line. Just type

help zpk

to view the zpk comment header. Built in functions and most toolbox functions have good comments here telling you how to use the function. Or, you can access the HTML help by typing

doc zpk
By : Scottie T

That's a function that takes two matrices and one variable as its arguments. The first matrix passed to the function in your example is the empty matrix.

In this specific case it's the Matlab built-in zpk function for creating or converting to zero-pole-gain model.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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