Converting XML to JSON using Python?

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I've seen a fair share of ungainly XML->JSON code on the web, and having interacted with Stack's users for a bit, I'm convinced that this crowd can help more than the first few pages of Google results can.

So, we're parsing a weather feed, and we need to populate weather widgets on a multitude of web sites. We're looking now into Python-based solutions.

This public RSS feed is a good example of what we'd be parsing (our actual feed contains additional information because of a partnership w/them).

In a nutshell, how should we convert XML to JSON using Python?


There is a method to transport XML-based markup as JSON which allows it to be losslessly converted back to its original form. See

It's a kind of XSLT of JSON. I hope you find it helpful

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I'd suggest not going for a direct conversion. Convert XML to an object, then from the object to JSON.

In my opinion, this gives a cleaner definition of how the XML and JSON correspond.

It takes time to get right and you may even write tools to help you with generating some of it, but it would look roughly like this:

class Channel:
  def __init__(self)
    self.items = []
    self.title = ""

  def from_xml( self, xml_node ):
    self.title = xml_node.xpath("title/text()")[0]
    for x in xml_node.xpath("item"):
      item = Item()
      item.from_xml( x )
      self.items.append( item )

  def to_json( self ):
    retval = {}
    retval['title'] = title
    retval['items'] = []
    for x in items:
      retval.append( x.to_json() )
    return retval

class Item:
  def __init__(self):

  def from_xml( self, xml_node ):

  def to_json( self ):

You may want to have a look at This project starts off with an XML to JSON conversion of a large library of XML files. There was much research done in the conversion, and the most simple intuitive XML -> JSON mapping was produced (it is described early in the document). In summary, convert everything to a JSON object, and put repeating blocks as a list of objects.

objects meaning key/value pairs (dictionary in Python, hashmap in Java, object in JavaScript)

There is no mapping back to XML to get an identical document, the reason is, it is unknown whether a key/value pair was an attribute or an <key>value</key>, therefore that information is lost.

If you ask me, attributes are a hack to start; then again they worked well for HTML.

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