What JDBC tools do you use for synchronization of data sources?


I'm hoping to find out what tools folks use to synchronize data between databases. I'm looking for a JDBC solution that can be used as a command-line tool.

There used to be a tool called Sync4J that used the SyncML framework but this seems to have fallen by the wayside.


I'm primarily using Oracle at the moment, and the most full-featured route I've come across is Red Gate's Data Compare:


This old blog gives a good summary of the solution routes available:


The JDBC-specific offerings I've come across have been very basic. The solution mentioned by Aidos seems the most feature complete if you want to go down the publish-subscribe route:


Hope this helps.

True synchronization requires some data that I hope your database schema has (you can read the SyncML doc to see how they proceed). Sync4J won't help you much, it's really high-level and XML oriented. If you don't foresee any conflicts (which means: really easy synchronisation), you could try with a lightweight ETL like Enhydra Octopus.

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