What is the best starting point on the Entity Framework from MS?

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Please give me the direction of the best guidance on the Entity Framework.

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There is a list of some tutorials available in this question.

This is a useful Entity Framework forum.

For me, the most useful reference for learning about the Entity Framework when I started using it was Daniel Simmons' FAQ. Check it out!

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Mike Taulty has a series of blog entries here that would be worth reading. But first - make sure you really, really want the complexity of EF; NHibernate, LINQ-to-SQL, etc make better answers in many cases. There are a number of issues with the EF approach (not least the forced base class and the much moire complicated xml - barely comprehensible).

I'm not saying don't use it: just make sure you need what it offers (at the price of complexity) first...

If you're using Windows don't you need to use an ignore pattern like this:

*/bin */obj

for directories? And maybe even:

*/bin/* */obj/*

I must admit I only realised this after I had committed the wrong things, so I haven't tried this out 'live'. Notice the use of the forward slashes in the directory pattern.

(See this link for the source: http://svn.haxx.se/tsvnusers/archive-2007-03/0281.shtml )

This video can help you solving your question :)
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