Upgrade package without upgrading dependencies using pip?

By : Amy G
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I'm using pip and virtualenv for my python application. I would like to upgrade to a new version of the application without touching the dependencies. When I use pip install -U, it tries to upgrade all the packages, and even uninstalls and re-installs the same version of a dependency package when there isn't a new version available.

I also tried pip install -U --no-deps but that seems equivalent to a regular install instead of an upgrade. Is there a combination of flags that will do what I want?

By : Amy G


You're right. I thought that when I added --no-deps it had neglected to uninstall the existing version. But I tried it again and see there's no issue:

$ pip install -U --no-deps myproj
Downloading/unpacking myproj
  Downloading myproj-1.0-trunk.31072.tar.gz (43Kb): 43Kb downloaded
  Running setup.py egg_info for package myproj
Installing collected packages: myproj
  Found existing installation: myproj 1.0-trunk.31053
    Uninstalling myproj:
      Successfully uninstalled myproj
  Running setup.py install for myproj
Successfully installed myproj
Cleaning up...
By : Amy G

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