Python List vs. Array - when to use?


If you are creating a 1d array, you can implement it as a List, or else use the 'array' module in the standard library. I have always used Lists for 1d arrays.

What is the reason or circumstance where I would want to use the array module instead?

Is it for performance and memory optimization, or am I missing something obvious?


The array module is kind of one of those things that you probably don't have a need for if you don't know why you would use it (and take note that I'm not trying to say that in a condescending manner!). Most of the time, the array module is used to interface with C code. To give you a more direct answer to your question about performance:

Arrays are more efficient than lists for some uses. If you need to allocate an array that you KNOW will not change, then arrays can be faster and use less memory. GvR has an optimization anecdote in which the array module comes out to be the winner (long read, but worth it).

On the other hand, part of the reason why lists eat up more memory than arrays is because python will allocate a few extra elements when all allocated elements get used. This means that appending items to lists is faster. So if you plan on adding items, a list is the way to go.

TL;DR I'd only use an array if you had an exceptional optimization need or you need to interface with C code (and can't use pyrex).

For almost all cases the normal list is the right choice. The arrays module is more like a thin wrapper over C arrays, which give you kind of strongly typed containers (see docs), with access to more C-like types such as signed/unsigned short or double, which are not part of the built-in types. I'd say use the arrays module only if you really need it, in all other cases stick with lists.

By : André

The standard library arrays are useful for binary I/O, such as translating a list of ints to a string to write to, say, a wave file. That said, as many have already noted, if you're going to do any real work then you should consider using NumPy.

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