Cucumber, capybara and selenium - Submiting a form without a button


I have a test using Cucumber, capybara and selenium driver. This test should go to a form and submit it. The normal text would be

  Scenario: Fill form
    Given I am on the Form page
    When I fill in "field1" with "value1"
    And I fill in "field2" with "value2"
    And I press "OK"
    Then I should see "Form submited"

The problem is that I don't have the OK button in the form I need a way to do the "form.submit", without clicking any button or link - the same as happens when you press ENTER when you are in a form field using the browser.

I don't know how to tell capybara to submit a form. How can I do it?


This is a bit hackish, but it filled a need. I monkey-patched Capybara to support a #submit method on elements.

It is not robust because it naively creates the POST parameters from every input elements's name and value attributes. (In my case, all my

By : Patrick

Try this..

find(:css, "input[name$='login']").native.send_keys :enter
By : Abhisek

You may probably roll your own step (And I submit the form with the link "Ok", for example), and emulate the submit functionality yourself.

Here it is the javascript emulation dropped in Rails 3 to support "unobtrusive" (emphasis on the quotes) Javascript. The line, js_form(self[:href], emulated_method)).submit(self)

is probably the clue to answer your problem. The full code is here

By : Chubas

This video can help you solving your question :)
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