What is the best way to delete a value from an array in Perl?

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The array has lots of data and I need to delete two elements.

Below is the code snippet I am using,

my @array = (1,2,3,4,5,5,6,5,4,9);
my $element_omitted = 5;
@array = grep { $_ != $element_omitted } @array;
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The best I found was a combination of "undef" and "grep":

foreach $index ( @list_of_indexes_to_be_skiped ) {
@array = grep { defined($_) } @array;

That does the trick! Federico

By : Federico

You can use the non-capturing group and a pipe delim list of items to remove.

perl -le '@ar=(1 .. 20);@x=(8,10,3,17);$x=join("|",@x);@ar=grep{!/^(?:$x)$/o} @ar;print "@ar"'
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Delete all occurrences of 'something' if array.

Based on SquareCog answer's:

my @arr = ('1','2','3','4','3','2', '3','4','3');
my @dix = grep { $arr[$_] eq '4' } 0..$#arr;
my $o = 0;
for (@dix) {
    splice(@arr, $_-$o, 1);
print join("\n", @arr);

Each time we remove index from @arr, the next correct index to delete will be $_-current_loop_step.

By : Tom Lime

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