Getting started with mobile programming. What is a good platform? [closed]

By : Simucal

What is a good mobile programming platform to go with for a c++ developer?

Is learning android a good option?

By : Simucal


I want suggest you android is best technology among all now a days android phones are increasing tremendously so the development are also increasing like wise and it can be learn any developer...on the internet many tutorials are available to teach you android i would like to suggest you is that android is the best option...

You can try to use StartJava which illustrate Android application creation.

By : AlexAndR

I have started playing with Android with the latest SDK. It is super easy to develop because of the coolness of Java, richness of android platform and eclipse IDE is very easy to use. I think Android is going to make a big difference in the moile application side.

UPDATE : Now you have the option of Windows Phone 7 too, which is my favorite at this point because I am a .NET developer for many years. Just get the WP7SDK and start coding in your visual studio itself.

By : Jobi Joy

This video can help you solving your question :)
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