How can i embed a video player in moodle.?

  1. I have some video files that will be played with the help of a video player.
  2. I want to embed a video player in my script which will play these video files in moodle 1.9.
  3. I cannot upload those video files on some video hosting sites because those are copy protected.

How can I achieve that?


You can use moodle-mplayer Activity ( ).

After you installed it on your server you will be able to add a new Activity which will enable you to add videos into your courses set special video related settings for each one.

btw, there is a Kaltura plugin for Moodle that might interest you too.

By : nadavkav


You have not mentioned what type of video files you are using, or the type of media player which you prefer. If it is a common format mpeg, flv, avi, m4v, quicktime, or realplayer then the media filters built in to moodle might help you. Moodle can detect links to media files, and replace them with an embedded player.

Here's how to do it:

Turn on Modules / Filters / Multimedia filter Then configure using Modules / Filters / Multimedia Plugins

Uploading the video file to a moodle course or to the front page files area. You may have to do this directly to your moodledata directory on your server if the file is too large to upload using a web based upload.

Then add a normal link eg

This video can help you solving your question :)
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