Where can I find an open source C# project that uses ADO.NET? [closed]

By : Matt
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I am trying to write a Windows Form and ASP.NET C# front-end and MSAccess backend for a pretty small database concept I have.

I have written this application once before in just MSAccess but I now need the app and database to be in different places. I have now figured out (thanks to a StackOverflow user) that ADO will be a bad choice because it has to have a connection open all of the time.

I bought Microsoft ADO.Net 2.0 Step-by-Step and I have read through some of it and understand (I think) the basic concepts at play in ADO.NET. (Datasets and the like)

Where I get confused is the actual implementation. What I want to know is do any of you know of a C# project that has a database backend which is open source that I can go look at the code and see how they did it. I find I learn better that way. The book has a CD with code examples that I may turn to, but I would rather see real code in a real app.

By : Matt


I found this post http://www.codeproject.com/KB/database/DatabaseAcessWithAdoNet1.aspx by searching for ADO.NET on the codeproject so I am going to give Chris Porter the answer points. Thanks everyone for the help.

By : Matt

You can:

  • Create a dialog in your resource file
  • Have it contain a Picture control
  • Set the picture control type to Bitmap
  • Create/import your bitmap in the resource file and set that bitmap ID to the picture control in your dialog
  • Create the window by using CreateDialogParam
  • Handle the WM_INITDIALOG in order to set a timer for 10 seconds (use SetTimer)
  • Handle WM_TIMER to catch your timer event and to destroy the window (use DestroyWindow)

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