MS Access backend to Azure SQL or Sharepoint and available offline

By : Taivo

I have looked for different descriptions but there is still no help to my problem. I have MS Access 2013 desktop database which I want to make available to 10-20 users. I have done exactly as it has been described here: Also I tried to use Azure SQL server. On both cases after linking frontend with SQL there appears two type of tables in Access Navigation panel - local ones and SQL linked tables with globe icon. All data that I insert (using forms) goes to local tables but not to linked SQL tables. I deleted local tables links from front end and renamed SQL tables according to local tables names (so that queries and VBA could work) - so this way data goes to SQL table but it extremely slows down whole application work and obviously it depends mostly on internet speed. So, I dont't believe it should work like that.

Here has been explained that it is possible to link Access database with Azure SQL server so that MS Access uses are still inserting data to local database and then app syncs this data to SQL. It has been said that the best performance will be achieved this way. Unfortunately its unclear how to implement it...
Options for cloud based MS Access backend

While migrating Access tables for Azure SQL I used SSMA (vers 6.01) and there came popup up with error message: "For your link tables to work with SQL Azure, you need to install a newer SNAC provider. For more information please click on this link" Link directs me to MS SQL Server 2008 R2 Feature pack installation page. I installed Native Client (vers 10.5.1600.1) but when starting SSMA, the window still appears again. So, I installed then newer version - SQL Server 2012 Native client (vers 11.0.2100.60) still same error. So I still clicked OK and nevertheless migrated Access DB to Azure and then linked it through ODBC with my Access frontend - same result as with Sharepoint - two type of table shortcuts in navigation panel but data goes only to local tables, not to SQL. Is it because of this error about SNAC provider? But same problem is while migrating and linking with Sharepoint.

Can anybody please explain, what I'm doing wrong and how to make Access DB syncing with SQL database or how to make Access working both on - and offline.

By : Taivo

This video can help you solving your question :)
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