Rails - Seeding the database with nil instead of values

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I have created an app in Rails 4.2.3 I am trying to seed the database but after I do rake db:migrate I am getting nil values in the field of the database table. The only piece of code I have in my seeds.rb is:

    User.create![{username: "test", password_digest: "test"}]

In my schema.rb I have:

    create_table "users", force: :cascade do |t|
      t.string   "username"
      t.string   "password_digest"
      t.datetime "created_at",      null: false
      t.datetime "updated_at",      null: false

My User model is:

      class User < ActiveRecord::Base
        has_one :profile, dependent: :destroy
        has_many :todo_lists, dependent: :destroy
        has_many :todo_items, through: :todo_lists, source: :todo_items

There are other people that experienced the same problem like here and here but I don't think that the solutions apply to my case as I do not have any attr_accessor in any of my models.

Anyone knows why that might be happening?

By : IliasP


brace-types matter...

use the following instead

User.create!( username: "test", password_digest: "test" )

This tells rails to create a single user, using the hash that contains username "test" and password "test"

what you have is telling rails to create a user with an array [] that contains a hash {}... but create is not expecting an array of hashes - it's expecting just a single hash.

EDIT: re: using []

That's because when you don't use () but do use [], then ruby has to guess what you mean... are you passing an array to a method or are you calling the array-indexing method on a variable? (or hash-indexing if it's not an integer in the brackets)?

If you put the [] right next to the word create! (eg User.create![]) ruby will probably interpret that as the latter... eg it's looking for an variable on the User class called create!... and then tries to look for a key of that hash called {username: "test", password_digest: "test"}, {username: "test2", password_digest: "test2"} and then it gets confused because when you use the array-indexing method [] you should pass it only one key to find, not two ({username: "test", password_digest: "test"} is the first and {username: "test2", password_digest: "test2"} is the second)... thus giving you the error that you're trying ot pass 2 arguments instead of one... but also just using the wrong interpretation to begin with.

neither of which is what you want...

If you leave a space between the [] and create! then ruby is more likely to interpret the [] as a parameter being passed to a method... and then it triggers a different error.

To be unambiguous - always use a space... or use parens () when passing an argument that could be ambiguous in this way.

John Papa who is the nationally recognized "guru" on Angular and he recommends creating controllers as in your first example. See HERE for usage.

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