Python/Psychopy: checking if a point is within a circle

By : Steve

I want to know the most efficient way to check if a given point (an eye coordinate) is within a specific region (in this case a circle).


win = visual.Window([600,600], allowGUI=False)

coordinate = [50,70] #example x and y coordinates 

shape = visual.Circle(win, radius=120, units='pix') #shape to check if coordinates are within it

if coordinate in shape:
    print "inside"
    print "outside"

>>TypeError: argument of type 'Circle' is not iterable

My x and y coordinates correspond to one point on the window, I need to check if this point falls within the circle whose radius is 120 pixels.

Thanks, Steve

By : Steve


PsychoPy's ShapeStim classes have a .contains() method, as per the API:

So your code could simply be:

if shape.contains(coordinate):
    print 'inside'
    print 'outside'

Using this method has the advantage that it is a general solution (taking into account the shape of the stimulus vertices) and is not just a check on the pythagorean distance from the stimulus centre (which is a special case for circles only).

I don't think it needs to be that complicated:


if (coordinate[0]-circle[0])**2 + (coordinate[1]-circle[1])**2 < radius**2:
    print "inside"
    print "outside"
By : aqua

You can use a WHERE clause for this. Convert your INSERT VALUES to an INSERT SELECT and add a WHERE clause.

For example,

INSERT INTO fields (field_name, control_type_id, needs_approval)
'Array Photos', 3, 0
WHERE Condition;

If Condition is true, it will insert the row. If Condition is false, the SELECT will return zero rows and thus the INSERT will insert zero rows.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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