How much additional information is inserted into compiled .NET binaries?

By : Minegem

I've been wondering, how much additional info is stored into compiled .NET binaries when you compile them with Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise?

I know for a fact that VS already stores some file path that points to a .pdb in the binary for some reason (which I already find horrible, since it usually has your PC username in it, which can be used by others to find out your name). Until now I've just been overwriting that file path with a Hex Editor with a bunch of zeros, is there a way to disable this entirely and what is that file path even there for?

Other than that, how much information about you or your machine is stored in a binary? Is there a machine UID or something stored? Something that can enable people/Microsoft to find out which machine compiled this specific binary? I want VS to store absolutely nothing about me or my machine in the binary.


By : Minegem

This video can help you solving your question :)
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