I want my webpage to have users follow links that go to new tabs, even in Microsoft Edge

By : Danny
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By default, Microsoft Edge doesn't follow the second time you use a link to open a new tab (you did it once, go back, do some reading, do it again.. Doesn't follow), instead the new tab flashes. I'm worried users may not realize their click worked due to this.

Is there a way to force this behavior for Edge users? This is how it's done by the end users if they prefer, I'd like to force this behavior specifically for my site though.

I'm using target="new" for the links btw.


By : Danny


I would take a look at trying to enable something specific w/in Edge. Have you tried to look at the debugger tool available for Edge to see if there's behavior you can capture from your javascript?

Info on F12 tools and using Debugger w/ Javascript:

If you REALLY want to do this, you can open the current page in a new tab, and change the current tab to the new page.

But to be honest, it's usually better to just let the user decide if they want a new tab or not by the controls the browser provides

I don't believe there is any way to control the user's browser, mainly because that would mess with their set preferences, but also because users are usually about not wanting their product to access their personal computer.

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