onProgressChanged doesnot hit 100% on heavy sites


Chrome/WebView version: 53 and 54 beta

Example URL: bbc.com , cnn.com

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. launch a webview based application with chrome / webview 53 installed
  2. load bbc.com or cnn.com
  3. wait for the page load to complete

What is the expected behavior? onProgressChanged() gets called from the start of the page till it reaches 100

What went wrong? the page load is complete and WebViewClient.onPageFinished() is called. But the progress reported at WebChromeClient.onProgressChanged() stops at around 94-98 but never hits 100.

Did this work before? Yes Chrome/WebView version 51

I've a webview based application and the progress bar for loading is tied to the onProgressChanged() callback in the WebChromeClient. Until like a week back, things were all fine. But now, it never hits 100% page load. On investigation, i found that it still works fine on a device with the webview/Chrome version is 51. but it fails on a similar device where the webview/Chrome version is 53. i even tested with Chrome beta 54 installed and it still seems to be broken with the WebViewClient.onProgressChanged() callback as it never hits 100%.

but this happens only on heavy sites. like bbc, cnn, npr.com etc.. yahoo, google, bing etc still loads fine and progress reported reaches 100%.

this happens on all native webview based browsers i guess. It happens in Javelin, Maxathon browser and also in my webview based app.

Anyone facing similar issues?


By : onusopus

By : onusopus

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