The Full Calendar In Ruby on Rails Is Not Working


I'm trying to add a calendar to my web app but it's not working. I followed the instructions below and I can't get the calendar to populate.

Do I need to write all the Javascript as well? This seems like a quick step to install a calendar. I'm sure I'm missing some steps for installation but this is what I found online.

  1. Add to gemfile

    gem 'fullcalendar-rails'
    gem 'momentjs-rails'

2. Bundle install and restart rails server.

3. Add to application.js

    //= require moment 
    //= require fullcalendar
  1. Add to application.css

    *= require fullcalendar
  2. In view, include the following html:

    <div id="calendar"></div>
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You have to add options to the fullCalendar plugin so that it knows where to fetch event data from:

    eventSources: ["/events"]

In the above example /events is a path to a controller of yours from which you will respond with Event Data

Alternatively, you can provide your own event data directly to the fullCalendar plugin:

    events: [
            title  : 'event1',
            start  : '2010-01-01'
            title  : 'event2',
            start  : '2010-01-05',
            end    : '2010-01-07'
            title  : 'event3',
            start  : '2010-01-09T12:30:00',
            allDay : false // will make the time show

It will also help to place the plugin initializer inside a jQuery ready function so that the DOM loads first:

$(function() {
  $('#calendar').fullCalendar({ eventSources: ["/events"] });

I haven't seen the use of $route.params inside the route objects. What you can do though, in your vue you can dynamically load different components based on your $route.params

<component-a v-if="$route.params == 'a'"></component-a>

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