EVOPDF Get Image of Google Maps C#


I am using EVOPDF to get the image bytes from url. It gets everything on the web page except the google map. But all I need is google map on that page. Can anyone help me please.

ImgConverter imageConverter = new ImgConverter();
imageConverter.ConversionDelay = 20;    
byte[] outPdfBuffer = imageConverter.GetImageBytesFromUrl(url, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg);

Thank you!


Is this issue reproducible with the online demo from http://www.evopdf.com/demo/ ? If it is then please contact EvoPdf support and provide the URL or the HTML code you want to convert.

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You could find useful something like this:


And then to check if the length is your expected length

The thing you're overlooking is alloc method. What alloc does is, it allocates memory for that class on which it was called. So when you do

MyClass *obj = [MyClass alloc];

It allocates memory for this particular class object. And when you do following in your init:

self = [super init];

It returns you the same object typically, that is already allocated. Also note, its an instance method (prefixed with -), it is mere a message to object to properly setup and initialize the class and setting the instance variable's default values etc. Its return type is set to instancetype or id to server the purpose of not making it an explicit class like NSObject because types can mismatch and cause error.

Since class for MyObject is already allocated and in all parental hierarchy self will be pointing to MyObject, that's why returning self from parent init message doesn't cause conflicts.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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