How to change buddypress default button name “Add Friend” to Interest


How to change buddypress default button name "Add Friend" to Interest how to change default name in wordpress, buddypress from which script i can change the name.


You can try to edit the file in this path:

Here you can create your own custom messages and labels without doing a full language translation.

I hope this help.

By : alex

You have the right idea, basically, but you can greatly simplify your code.

if number < 5:
    print ("You have landed the bottle!")
elif number < 10:
    print ("The bottle did not land, better luck next time.")
    print ("The bottle landed on the cap!")

You can change the values in your call to randrange and in the if statements above to get just about any weighting you'd like.

Note that in your original question you were comparing numbers to strings. I changed that here. Comparing numbers to strings (i.e. 3 == "3") will always be False.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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