unable to create a service for SpringBoot on Linux Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS


i just deployed a springboot app 1.4.1.RELEASE on Ubuntu 14.04.5(linode server) but having hard time making it run as service(start, stop, restart). I chanced on http://docs.spring.io/spring-boot/docs/current-SNAPSHOT/reference/html/deployment-install.html#deployment-service but it didn't help. I can't upgrade the Ubuntu server at the moment to a 16.04.1 since other apps are dependent on this version. I desperately need help on this.

  • I tried running

    ~$ sudo ln -s /opt/xxxx/xxxx-0.0.1.jar /etc/init.d/xxxx-0.0.1

  • sudo service myapp start

but got response: xxxx-0.0.1: unrecognized service

Please Help


Issue resolved with great joy:)

i had to change my pom.xml file from




and it worked perfectly...

It looks like a strange issue.

For now, I can suggest you do the following things:

  • Check if your *.jar file is executable. Type sudo chmod +x /opt/xxxx/xxxx-0.0.1.jar to be sure about that and start service again.
  • Try to copy *.jar file to /etc/init.d/ directory instead of creating link. Type cp /opt/xxxx/xxxx-0.0.1.jar /etc/init.d/ and start service again.

Let me know if it helped. If not, maybe we can figure out a different solution.


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