How to fetch a hostname of a remote instance using bash script?

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I want the hostname of a remote serve to use in my script. I am trying this command in script but it is not working.


host= $(ssh -i keylocation [email protected] sudo echo $HOSTNAME)
echo $host

It is giving me the following error: ./ line 3: hostname(The actual host): command not found

Can anyone please help me out.


There are two issues with you code:

  1. The space after the host= is significant, so you should remove it.
  2. The variable $HOSTNAME gets expanded by the local bash.

Try this:

host="$(ssh -i keylocation [email protected] echo '$HOSTNAME')"

or this

host="$(ssh -i keylocation [email protected] hostname)"

I remove the sudo, usually it is not needed to retrieve the hostname.

By : redneb

The problem is that you are not defining the type, therefore the mongoexport creates a json file, you should use


Regarding the real problem export array objects, the answer was already answered in Array Array

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