Direct print from iPad using bluetooth

By : Mukl

I use an HTML5 app in fullscreen mode on my iPad and I would like to print the content on a bluetooth printer. Is there any way how to do it? The idea is, that I would just press a button and the content would be printed without any dialog window. I know there is AirPrint and so on, but I do not need to print A4 sheets, but receipts on some termotransfer printer. I would be very glad if u could recommend me some printer as well.

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By : Mukl


I've bought my printer here but it has wires connection to an iPad. Maybe it will help you. Just ask the support for help.

You simply need to wait. When you press "Release This Version", new version of your app appears in App Store with a delay.

If you checking on a device - try to restart it to avoid displaying cached app page in App Store.

If you keep seeing old app version after restart even waiting too long - contact Apple support.

If you set the "version release" as "Manual", then after the app is approved it is published only when you release it yourself.

By : Ragul

This video can help you solving your question :)
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