Mailgun trouble sending email to QQ emails (China)

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By : josh

Mailgun shows that almost half of emails sent to @qq emails are not working. I'm getting a "550 Ip frequency limited." error. My Chinese isn't really all that great. I'm wondering how I can alleviate this, or at least resend the emails.

By : josh


If I understand the page right, it says that you are sending too many email from this IP address. One option could be to contact Mailgun and tell them about your problem. I think they might have a lot customers with the same problem. Perhaps they can contact QQ to get their IP white listed.

My guess it that they will try to sell you the another but expensive solution would be to get an own IP address from Mailgun (monthly $59). With this exclusive IP the QQ service won't block you that fast again.

If this is too expensive for you just keep on bugging them. Perhaps it will help.

By : Mark

Depends on how accurate you want the speedtest to be, the larger the file the more accurate it is. But this can be a big annoyance/data hog for the user.

The big number appears because it's in bytes, to get Mb/s you need to do Your result / 1024^2.

Disable attribute only associates button and input filelds, the thing you want to do here is , event.preventDefault . It will work like disable, but it will depend upon your coding, if you want to show it disabled, you have to add add via jquery

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