tmux ctrll+p does dot detach the session when processes run


I am running a server with Ubuntu 14.04 using nodejs with npm start command.
I start tmux session with tmux command, then do npm start and finally do ctrl+d to detach. But ctrl+d would not work for me. Whatever I am using, it only detaches me from the session if I stop all the processes. It is also same problem when I am trying to detach from session with mongod running. Any ideas?
PS: running ctrl+a+d does not work either.

By : margarita


When issuing a tmux command, you need to first use the prefix key combination. By default, this is C-b (ctrl+b).

If the default prefix isn't working, it's possible that you changed it or, if you're using someone else's .tmux.conf, they may have changed it. You can run tmux list-keys | grep send-prefix from your shell to determine what the current prefix is.

So, in order to detach from a running session, you'd type C-b d.

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This video can help you solving your question :)
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