giving string without first two or three letter in power shell


i want to read a string from a line. The line is

 ERROR: file'C:\Program Files (x86)\movies\action\Theincrediblehulk.mp3' is missing

I want only


the code i use to get only that string is

Select-String tt.txt -pattern [regex]"[A-Za-z]+\.mp3" -AllMatches | % { $_.Matches } | % { $_.Value }

but it is giving me the output as


first two or three words is missing. Please suggest a better way to solve this. i use [A-Za-z] because name is dynamic.


Mathias R. Jessen's answer is a better solution, however this answer explains why the original code isn't working as expected.

I assume by your [regex] at the beginning, you're trying to tell powershell to convert your string to a regex object. However powershell is actually interpreting your argument as

-pattern '[regex]"[A-Za-z]+\.mp3"'

If you do want to explicitly treat your string as a regex object, you'll need to wrap the value in parentheses

-pattern ([regex]"[A-Za-z]+\.mp3")

Although the regex cast is not necessary, so the string alone is sufficient.

-pattern '[A-Za-z]+\.mp3'
By : Alex

Start by grabbing everything in between the quotes:

$Filepaths = Select-String tt.txt -pattern "'([^']+)'" -AllMatches | % { $_.Matches } | % { $_.Groups[1].Value }

Now you can use either Split-Path -Leaf to grab the file name:

$Filenames = $Filepaths |Split-Path -Leaf

or Path.GetFileName():

$Filenames = $Filepaths |% { [System.IO.Path]::GetFileName($_) }

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