Replacing missing values of a column vector according to values of another column vector

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In a dataframe I have two categorical variables, say qs and vr of a dataframe df. This dataframe is quite large, but suppose that are 100 different levels in qs, not necessary following a pattern. The column vector vr - which I as said is also a categorical variable - has some missing values.

What I want to do is label the missing values that exist in vr according to the corresponding category or value in qs.

I know a priori that are 9 different categories in qs for which vr has missing values. Say, that the label for one category in qs is 102and for this category in qs there are missing values in vr.

So, what I want then to do is

  • if the category/label/value in qs==102 set vr==Greece
  • if the category/label/value in qs==250 set vr==Italy

end so on.

Sadly, my dataframe is very complicated and I don't know how I can reproduce a simple dataframe.

By : msh855


Assuming that there is a 'c' in 'vr' for 'qs' value of 3, we can use data.table

setDT(df)[, vr := na.omit(vr)[1] , by = qs]

It is not clear whether the OP wanted to replace the missing values with the unique elements for 'vr' for each 'qs' or from some other values. If it is to replace with some other values, create a key/value dataset and join with the original dataset on 'qs'

df1 <- data.table(qs = 1:4, vr = c("Serbia", "England", "Greece", "USA"))
df$qs <- as.numeric(as.character(df$qs))
setDT(df)[df1, on = "qs"][, vr := i.vr][, i.vr := NULL][]
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Did you try { path: '/restaurants/:page_number' } and

currentPage: params.page_number | 1 ?

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There's no way to directly pass a pointer to PROGMEM variables, because of the AVR's Harvard architecture with 2 address spaces that C has no way to straightforwardly express - You need to temporarily copy the memory to RAM using memcpy_P, for example.

And you want to learn about the functions provided in the pgmspace library. It holds equivalents to a number of C functions like strcmp, that allow you to work with a constant argument in program space.

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