Error while creating OIM user with custom Role added in Lookup `Lookup.Users.Role`


I have added few values in the OIM Lookup Lookup.Users.Role but all custom values are giving following error while creating or modifying users in OIM GUI.

IAM-3050056 : The specified value ABC for attribute Role is not one of the predefined values

Is there anything else that needs to be done in order to make the custom role values work?


Custom UDF Lookup Field Type Doesn’t Work Properly After Adding Or Updating New Values untill you run

How would you delete them explicitly?

Also if you take a look at the source code you'll see that ref cell type is just an immutable wrapper over a mutable field, and the := and ! operators are simply getter/setter calls.

You can implement ref in a similar way yourself quite easily:

type Ref<'a> = { mutable value: 'a }
let (:=) (r: Ref<_>) v = r.value <- v
let (!) (r: Ref<_>) = r.value

I had a simialr question and found that using Djangos templates solved my issue. By creating a 'base' template containing the navbar, leaving the active flag to be populated by each page.

Like this:

base.html file containing this

<li {% block nav_index%}{% endblock %}><a href="{% url 'index' %}" >Home </a></li>
<li {% block nav_house_list%}{% endblock %}><a href="{% url 'house_list' %}">Your houses</a></li>
<li {% block nav_agency_list%}{% endblock %}><a href="{% url 'agency_list' %}">Agencies</a></li>
<li {% block nav_admin%}{% endblock %}><a href="/admin">Admin</a></li>
<li {% block nav_logout%}{% endblock %}><a href="{% url 'logout' %}"><i class="fa fa-lock"></i> Log ud</a></li>
<li {% block nav_login%}{% endblock %}><a href="{% url 'login' %}"><i class="fa fa-lock"></i> Log ind</a></li>

Then referencing that on each page. Inserting 'active' for each url:

{% extends "base.html" %}

{% block nav_index%}
{% endblock %}

(replace nav_index for each page)

Django has some good documentation on it:

This video can help you solving your question :)
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