Convert array of objects into array list (javascript)


I have an array of objects as shown here.

states: Array[3]
     Value: "34343"
     Value: "2332"
     Value: "2333"

I want to convert the above array of objects into the array list as shown below. Can someone please let me know how to achieve something like this in javascript.

states: ["34343", "2332", "2333"]


The nicest way to do this is as suggested in the comments:

(where var arr is your array)

new_arr = => el.Value)

This is a neat solution that makes use of latest es6 features and the arrow function.

If you are not using es6 in your project you may be stuck with plain old es5 - perhaps you have underscore or lodash though? In that case:

new_arr =, function(el) {
  return el.Value;

Failing this if you do not have underscore and no es6 you may have to resort to using a loop to do it yourself the 'old' way:

new_arr = []
for (var i = 0, j = arr.length; i < j; i++) {

var inputArray = [{
  value: 1
}, {
  value: 2

var normalizedArray = {
  return obj.value;


You can use

By : Sreekanth

or in ES6

var stateObject = [{value : 123}, {value : 654}, {value : 654}];
var stateArray = => item.value);
console.log(stateArray); // [ 123, 654, 654 ]

This video can help you solving your question :)
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