How to return day number of every moday

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A big dilema for me, I have class with students on monday and friday, i cannot figure out with excel how to return the day number of monday or friday on this month or next month eg. 19 sept is monday this week and next week is 26 september

I want to return next month that monday will be 3 then 10, 17

I tried a silly formula like =(19+7) return 26 but then show 33 but a month dont have 33 days.

Hope you guys understand me and maybe help me, thanks


Put the date 2016-09-19 in A1.

Create a custom format of d for that cell.

Then in A2 put this formula =A1+7.

Ensure that the same format is in that cell.

Then copy down.

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string sql = "SELECT studnum,course,f_name,l_name,color_image FROM table3 WHERE [email protected]";
command = new SqlCommand(sql, conn);
command.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@Name", textBoxfname.Text));

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