Strange CSS brief flashing divs / images issue


I have a website that recently started to have an issue with a bunch of divs containing links and images are flashing at the top of the website momentarily while the page loads.


It's strange because I see those images already rendered even before the images flash. Also, this is a new occurrence.

Could this possibly be due to CSS animation or CloudFlare caching/optimization?

Any recommendations on how to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated.


If I use WebPageTest to inspect your page I see some browser related issues.

When testing with Chrome there are three 404s

If I test with IE 11 I don't see any 404s

To troubleshoot I would start by disabling CloudFlare caching
(Domain > Overview > Development Mode > Enabled)

Then fix the 404s, they may not be the cause of the problem but worth eliminating first.

If you still have the flashing, try and figure out if it's browser related.

Good luck!

You could use Convert.ChangeType for that:

public void Add(object value)
    var t = Convert.ChangeType(value, typeof(T));

See the fiddle:

If you need object insead of T you can use dynamic in your Add method.

 public void Add(object value)
      //When T is decimal, then I get 
      // System.InvalidCastException
      dynamic t1 = value;
      var t = (T)t1;
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